pvc edge trim l door seal l weather-strips

About us

  • BURLET TECNIC, S.L. is a company with experience in the production of flexible profiles for the industrial, automotive and marine sectors
    70 % of production is exported to Europe.

    BURLET TECNIC, S.L. specialises in the manufacture of edge trims, window channels, draught excluders, door seals, weather-strips and any kind of profile in rigid PVC, TPV, TPE (SEBS, SBS, Santoprene,…), Hypalon, PP, and other plastic materials.

  • Quality Policy Statement

    The Management of Burlet Tecnic, within all its activities related to the sale, distribution and production of all kinds of flexible profiles with metal, stainless and / or aluminum insert, window channels, edge trims, sealing seals and weather-strip, wants to manifest its absolute commitment to the quality of the work carried out and the service offered to its customers.

    In this way, Burlet understands that the quality of its professional activities, as well as the involvement of the entire team, it is an essential value to guarantee the credibility of the entity and the trust placed by all its customers.

    The implementation of a solid and exemplary Quality Policy is a strategic decision that should allow continuous improvement of all of its tasks, adapting dynamically to the changes faced by the market system and providing a consistent and effective product that meet the requirements demanded by the customer.

    Promote the provision of a quality service, seeking the continuous improvement and competitiveness of our products and services through the optimization and ensuring during their performance the compliance with all the quality, legal, regulatory and customer requirements, the principle of continuous improvement, seeking at all times the satisfaction of the customer to ensure a prominent position in the market.

    The development of an adequate attitude and aptitude in the customer support in order to achieve the full satisfaction of all them, controlling and verifying the quality of the products resulting from all processes.

    The labor responsibility of all the components of the group is crucial for the performance of the objectives created, and it is essential for its continuous improvement and subsistence. Therefore, the Management of Burlet Tecnic will ensure the welfare and quality of life of its employers, making available, as a fundamental and indivisible part of the entity, all the training and resources available to enhance the personal and global progress.

    All the staff of the company is required to:

    · Be familiar with the documentation of the Quality Management System, in particular with the procedures that they are directly involved in for their own and collective work.
    · Follow and comply with the requirements of all those Procedures.

    The Management of Burlet Tecnic will define and periodically review the quality objectives from the base and compliance with policies of continuous improvement. It will also be responsible for disseminating and transmitting to all its members the necessary values to promote the achievement of the established objectives.



BURLET TECNIC, S.L. - C/ Terra Alta 32-38 · Pol. Ind. Can Carner 08211 Castellar del Vallés · Barcelona
+34 937 149 195 - comercial@burlet-tecnic.com